News ‘M&M’ Canopy Opened as Students Return 11.03.2021

Students returning to Collyer’s this week discovered an additional refectory outlet in Duckering Hall and an impressive new canopy. The canopy in Denne Quad was planned with the help of RCU (student council) Environment and Premises Officers Maria Bensusuan and Manami Imada. Given Maria and Manami’s practical input in location and design choice, the canopy is nicknamed the “M&M”!


Manami said: “The canopy looks great and it was so nice to see people using it and sitting under it when it was raining on the first day back!”


Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “Huge thanks to Manami and Maria for their help, representing the RCU and the student body. The additional food outlet and M&M canopy provide valuable additional student social space.”





Maria Bensusan and Manami Imada at the “M&M”