News Music Practioners Go Punk! 26.07.2021

Music Practitioners students at Collyer’s ended their first year with their first full scale gig in Collyers’ Duckering Hall, the college’s main performance space. The students were either playing in a band formed in their class, or setting up and running a full range professional PA rig with digital desk, personal monitors and digital floor box.

This years’ style of music was pop punk and the students were only too happy to don appropriate stage clothes and apply generous make-up to create the best possible performance.

Head of Music Dan Page said: “For such a challenging year, it has been a breath of fresh air to allow our wonderful Music Practitioners students to do what they’re best at – live music. Working within Covid-19 safe practices, our students have produced some very impressive music and were clearly enjoying every minute of it.

Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “The standard of music produced by our performing students was outstanding and the level of audio quality produced by our technical students was equally impressive.

“Colossal thanks to these gifted performers and the amazing Dan Page for making the gig such an incredible success!”

Dan page added: “This work is part of our Music Practitioners Subsidiary Diploma which I believe is the best contemporary music course out there and makes an excellent progression to higher education with its generous UCAS points. We can’t wait to do more of this next year!”