News Picture Photo 01.11.2021

Students and staff from the Photography, Graphics and Art departments at Collyer’s visited Leonardslee Gardens and Lakes this week. The visit provided inspiration for the students’ coursework projects.

The group received a warm welcome from staff at Leonardslee and the autumn rain did not dampen spirits, but added to the atmosphere of the morning’s photoshoots. Photography teacher Rebecca Moon said: “It was so great to be able to take students out on a trip again and enrich what we learn in the classroom with real life experiences and opportunities.”

The sun emerged late morning and created wonderful reflections of the autumn colours across the lake. Students captured the movement of the water as well as the variety of wildlife that Leonardslee has to offer, the wallabies and peacocks provided particularly wonderful subject matter for the group.

The gardens are also home to artist Anton Smit’s work entitled ‘Walk of Life’, which showcases monumental faces and figures that work in harmony with the landscape. Year 1 Photography students Evie Woollett and Freya Caunhye were particularly inspired by the sculptures by Smit, Evie said: “It was amazing to discover the figures and faces around the garden, they contrasted beautifully with the natural environment”. Freya captured the varying forms, colours and textures of the work for her project.

The doll’s house exhibition was another highlight of the trip. The collection depicts the Edwardian estate and neighbouring village life, with landscapes and characters acting out day-to-day activities from farm work to students studying in a schoolhouse.

Year 1 Photography student Oliver Cooper enjoyed the trip: “I loved photographing the landscape and sculptures at Leonardslee, it really helped my put all of the skills we have learnt into practise.”