News Planet Future Art 03.08.2022

Collyer’s student artists have had work exhibited at a national exhibition on Sustainability.

Laura Andrews Head of Photography, Assistant Director of Faculty Arts, explained: “Students from across the visual arts departments submitted work for the Sixth Form College Association’s annual art exhibition. This national exhibition, open to students across the country, showcases a wide range of creative interpretations of the theme ‘Planet Future’ and the work reflects how the world is changing and what its future holds. This sustainability agenda has never been more important.”

The shortlisted work from Collyer’s students was viewed and discussed by the college’s sustainability committee and senior management team. The three winning works reflect the broad range of art created within the college’s excellent visual arts departments with eye-catching examples of illustration, lino cut and photography.

A level Photography student Victoria Ward’s tryptic ‘World in our hands’ was selected to represent the college’s photography department. Victoria has a real passion for the environment and natural world, also studying Environmental Science and Psychology A levels. Victoria said: “It was exciting again to have my work included and I’m delighted to see it online. I hope that it can send a message of both desperation and hope for the future!” Victoria is planning on studying a Wildlife Media degree at university, pursuing wildlife and natural world photography as a career.

Carolina Diel, whose illustration ‘Sea state’ was also chosen, is studying the BTEC Triple Art & Design course. She said: “Sea state is a monochromatic illustration created with ink. The illustration is organised in a typographical letter ‘S’, embodying the sea and the ‘state’ it is currently in. I chose to make the plastic bags and bottles within the piece the least detailed in comparison to the sea life so that the viewer would look at the beautifully thriving nature first. I did this to represent the common mouth-fed view of what the ocean is like today; fabricated through filtered media.

“The lack of detail used to draw the plastic objects gives way for negative space to slowly devour the illustration. This negative space represents the lack of diversity litter causes when in our oceans. Fish will someday be outnumbered by the amount of litter which end up in sea. I wanted to bring this alarming truth to light through a humble illustration and I am very happy to have the opportunity to share it through this exhibition, alongside the inspirational works of many others my age.”

Head of BTEC Art & Design, Sharon Porter was delighted: “Carolina’s response to the plight of our seas has been captured in such a poetic manner. Her beautiful hand-rendered illustration draws attention to the issues raised whilst juxtaposing this with her graceful and fluid drawing style.”

Frankie Sharp’s vivid lino cut ‘When will the fires stop?’ was created during her time studying Contemporary Fine Art A level. Susie McAlister, Head of Art & Design, said: “Frankie is an accomplished artist, oil painter and printmaker; her outstanding A Level project was centred around her love of animals, featuring both domestic animals and those she studied first-hand at Port Lympne Safari Park. She has secured offers at university to study Zoology next year and has a particular interest in conservation.”

Laura Andrews added, “This online exhibition is a fantastic way of celebrating the arts and recognising the wonderful work and talent there is within sixth form colleges. We are very proud of our talented young artists; they clearly have bright futures ahead of them.”

Franki Sharp – ‘When will the fires stop’


Carolina Diel-‘Sea state’


Victoria Ward – Tryptic ‘World in our hands’