Stephen Hurry

•       Current Role- Retired

•       Attended Collyer’s- 1960 to 1965

•       Studied- Maths, Physics, English, Latin, French, History, Geography, RI

•       Comments- time at Collyer’s-guidance, inspiration, path, future, enjoy, inform choice, interest… I gained a good grounding in French and Latin. My good grades in English, Maths and Physics set me on my chosen path. I was inspired by many of the Collyer’s teachers. I also enjoyed my time in the Combined Cadet Force.

•       Degree or HNC or PhD or other qualifications- OND Nautical Science; HNC Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Microsoft Certified Professional.

•       Employment- Merchant Navy Navigation Officer; Electronics Engineer; Computer Maintenance and IT Manager.

•       Other information- Also worked for one of the big four banks maintaining their communication and IT networks in the City of London and West End.

•       Made a difference? Firstly, I helped to feed and clothe the UK population in the 60’s. After that I maintained important equipment for medical research and diagnostics. After that, I made sure that clinical research workers and then college students and staff had reliable IT equipment.

•       Contribution to society? Initially employed by a shipping company on ships transporting general cargo to Australia and New Zealand and returning to UK and European ports with Wool plus refrigerated Lamb, Cheese and Butter. Then process and control systems, initially for making wire and later on in the semiconductor industry. Worked for quite a while installing and maintaining Electron Microscopes in hospitals and universities. Then moved into IT support for several pharmaceutical research organisations. Finally managed a team maintaining IT in a Sixth Form and Further Education College.

•       What was your typical day like? Varied a lot. Apprentices learnt to all the jobs that the sailors did plus those they were not obliged to do. As a Navigation Officer, I was in charge of a daytime watch and a night time one. As an Electronics Engineer I travelled all over the UK & Continent and as far as California and Japan.

•       What did you love about your job? The travel plus seeing many countries and cultures.

•       What skills did you need for your job? Communication skills, patience, persistence and self-confidence.

•       What tips or advice would you have for someone looking to get into a similar role? Follow your dream.

•       What advice would you give your younger self? Learnt? Don’t hold back.

•       What do you see yourself doing in the future? Enjoying my retirement. 😊