Tamzin Bond

Dr Tamzin Bond MChem, PhD, MRSC, AFHEA
Currently transitioning from a Research Chemist to a Life Sciences Solicitor

I studied AS level Psychology and A Levels in Chemistry, Biology, Law at Collyer’s from 2010-2012. Studying Chemistry at Collyer’s with a great teacher inspired me to read Chemistry at university. Chemistry is fascinating and allows you to understand how the world around you works at a molecular level!

After Collyer’s I undertook an MChem at the University of Manchester and followed that with a PhD at Imperial College London.

As a Research Chemist working on molecules that can be used to image cancerous cells is very inspiring. I feel very lucky to be able to research something that affects so many people. Mornings are usually spent finishing a reaction from the day before or planning a new experiment to carry out. Once an experiment is up and running, I will usually spend some time on my computer reading new papers and journal articles that are relevant to my research. Afternoons will be back in the lab analysing compounds that I have made.

The best parts of being a chemist are doing a practical, hands-on job, and potentially synthesising molecules that no one else has ever made.

The skills needed to fulfil my role are logical thinking, patience (experiments fail more often than they work), and a desire to do something new. If you are looking to get into a similar type of role, then study hard but also make sure you have a passion for the subject.

The advice I would give to my younger self is in Chemistry, you can only learn by doing, and failing at, experiments. Just go for it!

What next Tamzin? It will be really interesting to move away from the beginning stages of research and, instead, be focused on the end stage of helping companies get their drugs through clinical trials and met the necessary regulations so that the product can go on to treat people around the world.