Wasim Ashraf

I undertook the BTEC Level 3 Sports Science program at Collyer’s from 2010-2012. My time at Collyer’s was a massive learning curve and gave me positive exposure to the future me. I had many obstacles outside of college life, which were distracting, but the support and guidance from teachers, students, and all staff that I interacted with gave me the ability to move forward and see this through. I am grateful for my teachers and the passion they showed throughout the years, which made my journey worthwhile. Collyer’s offered me a variety of additional courses, events and experiences which made it an unforgettable experience. Collyer’s kept my dreams alive!

After Collyer’s, I got my BA with Hons in football studies an La Liga Master MBA in Sports management, became a UEFA B Certified Coach and an FA Talent ID Level 2.

I continue to make a difference to myself, which I believe has projected into all the ventures I have contributed to. Whether it has been raising money for the neediest around the world through football tournaments over the past 12 years or having a 1-1 with fellow coaches, friends, and local youth in my area and in all my travels! We all must do our bit.

In a typical day, I wake up super early, pray, exercise, have my meeting with my department manager and the wider team, answer and return email requests from customers, coaches and undertake general admin work. I would then take meetings from new collaborators, partners, and football practitioners within the game locally or abroad. This is where I learn and research the most; by speaking to people and living through their experiences.

I love the people, working with footballers from grassroots to professional, no days are ever the same as I am always on the go. The biggest thing is knowing that I have made an impact.

To fulfil my role you need to be considerate, a chameleon, show networking skills, excellent communication, discipline, stick to your schedule and constantly improve the process of things and above all work hard and be patient. Obtain your qualifications, have a routine, develop your network, and learn from people who are already doing what you would like to. Go the extra mile to learn, have no expectations but rather objectives and volunteer or take on unpaid roles whenever you see a benefit to your future.

Looking back I would say pick something and be consistent at it, starve your distractions and feed your hunger. It is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Do not compare yourself to others and lastly chose your crowd carefully, we are all a product of our environment, and we all become a reflection of each other.

What next Wasim? Become a director of football for a professional club. My goal is to take Gamechangers football beyond Crawley and to other parts of the UK and globally. Continue my learning, through courses with FIFA and UEFA, and study languages such as Spanish and Arabic. I hope, someday, I will have a family and inspire the next Gamechanger?