News Rock Stars Leave the Building! 21.11.2022

Geology students have recently undertaken a series of field trips, all funded by the Kirsty Brown Fund, set up in memory of geologist and marine biologist Kirsty Brown, who studied geology at Collyer’s. The fund is generously covering the costs of the trips, talks and a number of activities in this area, to help educate and inspire young people.

A ‘downpour dodging’ trip to the south coast, including Newhaven, Seaford and Cuckmere Haven, saw the students undertake the required practical for the geology course. A trip to RSPB Pulborough, accompanied by former President of the Geological Society of London, David Shilston, enabled learners to understand the relationship between the landscape and underlying geology.

Dr Ian Carr, Collyer’s head of geology and assistant director of faculty, explained: “On both trips the students received training in field work techniques including field sketches, locating themselves on a map, and rock and mineral identification.”

A trip for year 12 and 13 students to the University of Portsmouth, gave the group an opportunity to undertake a mineral exploration investigation, a practical in the soil testing laboratory that included sieving loose sediment and a demonstration of a rock strength testing machine. The group also enjoyed a demonstration of the Scanning Electron Microscope.

Ian Carr, who is also Collyer’s Sustainability Co-ordinator, added: “The students were also given a tour, a presentation about the courses at the university and even a free lunch! It was a great opportunity to talk to other students and the staff at the university.”

Rob Hussey, Vice Principal (Curriculum) said: “Huge thanks to all who have made these wonderful opportunities for our learners possible. The students acquitted themselves wonderfully.”