News Rock Stars! 23.09.2019

Collyer’s Geology A-level students have started the new term with an action packed field trip to Hope Gap, Peacehaven and Seaford. This is the first of four specified practicals required for the fieldwork as aspect of the Geology course. After an early departure from Collyer’s, Head of Geology Dr Ian Carr and the students were met by one of the leading local geologists, Helena Griffiths. Dr Carr said: “The Sun shone for the field trip to the beautiful Sussex coast, where our talented group of geology students spent the day at the seaside! They studied the fantastic outcrops of chalk and glacial sediments at Hope Gap, and hunted for fossils, finding fossil sea urchins and oysters in the chalk!

“The students were truly inspired by Helena Griffiths and throughout a long day were inquisitive and fascinated by what they discovered.”

Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “Huge thanks to Ian, Helena and our amazing students for taking part in this wonderful educational experience. They are all real rock stars!”