News Rubens At The Palace Visit 18.06.2023

Collyer’s Travel and Tourism student Izzie Ratcliffe and teachers Sam Buchanan and Nikki Stone recently enjoyed a visit to the prestigious Rubens at the Palace Hotel, situated opposite Buckingham Palace.

The group were met by the HR Manager for Red Carnation Hotels and were treated to a tour of Rubens, with the hotel manager and other staff.

Nikki Stone, Subject Head for Travel and Tourism explained: “Red Carnation are a very prestigious chain, who accommodate the rich and famous. The link actually stemmed from Collyer’s students’ success at the Global Travel and Tourism Partnership competition.”

In future, Collyer’s are also planning to take small groups of students to other Red Carnation hotels, for talks about careers and apprenticeships.

Collyer’s Vice Principal (Curriculum) Rob Hussey said: “What a fantastic link-up. Enormous thanks to the travel and tourism staff and students for making this possible!”