News Stellar Speaker at Collyer’s 07.06.2022

Collyer’s welcomed Professor Richard Ghail from Royal Holloway University, who is lead scientist on the EnVision mission to Venus. Geology, physics, biology, and environmental science students enjoyed a fascinating session, which is the final talk in this year’s Kirsty Brown series.

Dr Ian Carr, head of geology and assistant director of faculty, explained: “Richard is a professor in planetary and engineering geology and had visited the college last year during the popular ‘Festival of Science’ to talk about degrees at Royal Holloway and careers in geology. This time he gave a brilliant talk about EnVision, an international mission to send an orbiter to Venus.

“Richard outlined what we already know about Venus from missions since the 1970s, explaining that we aim to find more about the history and geological activity of Venus, to help us better understand Earth and other planets in other solar systems.”

The Kirsty Brown events, a series of talks at Collyer’s, are in memory of geologist and marine biologist Kirsty Brown, who studied geology at Collyer’s. The Kirsty Brown Fund is generously covering the costs of the talks and a number of activities in this area, to help educate and inspire young people.

Dr Carr added: “The students really enjoyed the talk, and the inspiring delivery stimulated some great questions.

“It was a fitting way to end this year’s programme of talks, particularly as Kirsty Brown attended both Collyer’s and Royal Holloway.”

Dr Rob Hussey, Collyer’s vice principal (curriculum) was delighted: “Colossal thanks to Ian and Professor Ghail for creating this wonderful educational opportunity.”