News Students Set on TV Careers 09.08.2023

students recently enjoyed a career focussed day at The University of Bournemouth, working in their state-of-the-art TV studios.


Head of Media at Collyer’s, Jonathan Nunns, explained: “During an intense training session for “live” television, the students directly experienced TV industry roles such as camera work, floor management, sound recording, vision mixing, and directing.

“The students’ short TV show was recorded for inclusion in their creative portfolios, readying them for their university or apprenticeship applications this autumn.”

Media Studies teacher Keri Smith added: “It was a great experience for our students, as they were able to get directly involved in working with students and practitioners at the university.”

During the rest of the day, the group were given a direct insight into studying at higher education and student life at university, from both academic staff and Bournemouth University Student Ambassadors.