News Students Court Justice 07.02.2023

Collyer’s first and second-year sociology students enjoyed an exciting trip to the Old Bailey this week, including a tour around the Royal Courts of Justice.

Sociology teacher Sarah Faughnan said: “We were able to learn about not only the history of the court, but also the awe-inspiring building itself.

“In addition, we were given an insight into the current purpose of the court, and the economic issues facing law today. We had a tour around the majestic local area and the usage in relation to Law, past and present.”

Later the group were fortunate to gain access to The Old Bailey to collectively observe the process of Law in a Crown Court and learn about its relation to issues in wider society.

Sarah added: “It was an extremely insightful day, hugely beneficial to the learners’ sociological studies.”

Vice Principal (Curriculum) Rob Hussey said: “Colossal thanks to the sociology department and the Royal Courts of Justice for creating such a wonderful educational opportunity for our students.”