News Students Go Back In Time! 30.11.2022

Collyer’s welcomed Dr Jodie Fisher from the University of Plymouth to the college to run a workshop with geology, environmental science, and biology students.

Dr Ian Carr, Collyer’s head of geology and assistant director of faculty, explained: “Jodie was due to give the workshop in February, but unfortunately Storm Eunice closed all Sussex schools and colleges. On that occasion, she gave a talk via Zoom from the Horsham Premier Inn lounge!

“However, this time we were delighted to finally welcome Jodie to the college in person, to run a fascinating workshop on using microfossils to track climate change. Microfossils are studied as part of the A-level Geology course, so it was a great opportunity for our students to learn about their uses from an expert.”

Jodie, who is also founder of the ‘Girls into Geoscience’ group, brought samples of microfossils to the workshop, and gave students the rare chance to analyse them using binocular microscopes.

The session was part of the Kirsty Brown Series, which focus on geology and the environment, in memory of geologist and marine biologist Kirsty Brown, who studied geology at Collyer’s and was also a former colleague of Ian Carr. The fund is generously covering the costs of trips, talks and a number of activities in this area, to help educate and inspire young people.

Ian Carr, who is also Collyer’s Sustainability Co-ordinator, added: “Colossal thanks to Jodie, the science technicians Philip Hardy and Tammy Wilson, and Geology Curriculum Support Officer Penny Fenton for making this day possible. They have been brilliant!”

Smiling lecturer with students in the background

Dr Jodie Fisher (front) with Collyer’s students