News Students ‘Journey Back In Time’ 07.11.2023

Collyer’s geologists recently spent their fourth mandatory day in the field at RSPB Pulborough Brooks, with former Geological Society of London President David Shilston.

Dr Ian Carr, Collyer’s Head of Geology, said: “The main aim was to investigate the relationship between the landscape and the underlying geology, as well as how humans have interacted with the landscape throughout history. It was essentially an opportunity for our group to journey back in time!”

The students studied the ice age glacial river terraces of the River Arun, and the bedrock that underlies the superficial deposits. They received training in making observations, drawing field sketches, measuring dip and strike of the bedrock, and describing lithologies. The field trip also allowed time for an investigation of flood plain sediments using an auger.

Dr Carr added: “The group also visited the bronze age barrow and examined the coppicing of native trees.

“It was brilliant to see Collyer’s student Alfie Dickensen, the Kirsty Brown Ambassador, explaining coppicing to the group.”

Collyer’s Vice Principal (Curriculum) Dr Rob Hussey said: “Enormous thanks to David Shilston, the team at RSPB Pulborough Brooks, and Ian Carr for facilitating this outstanding fieldtrip opportunity.”