News Students Learn about Psychometric Testing 18.03.2020

Collyer’s welcomed PVL CEO Nick Broom back to the college to run a session focussing on psychometric testing. PVL have been saving lives on the roads since 1999, as a leading company creating high visibility markings for emergency service, highways and security vehicles.

The students have been completing psychometric tests and were delighted to welcome Nick into class, where he explained how to analyse the results in their detailed personal reports.

Lucy Hargreaves said: “What better way for our students to learn about psychometric testing than to actually complete a psychometric test recommended by one of our country’s top entrepreneurs?!

“The session has had a really positive impact on the careers and progression programme offered at our college.”

During a lively morning the students were also given the opportunity to take part in a Q&A with Nick, hosted by Deputy Principal Steve Martell, about psychometric testing and staff recruitment in general.

Steve Martell said: “Nick Broom is hugely successful and talented, but humble with it. We are so grateful to him and PVL for their incredible support of our employability programme, Young Enterprise and our annual Challenge of Management event at South Lodge Hotel.”

Lucy Hargreaves added: “It was so kind of Nick to facilitate and sponsor this unique psychometric experience and give up so much of his valuable time.”