News Students Ready For Next Steps 28.02.2022

Collyer’s recently welcomed the 3Fall Dance Company, the University of Chichester’s 3rd year undergraduate touring company. 3Fall company members put the Collyer’s dance students through their paces with some intensive workshops.

Emma Gogan, Collyer’s Head of Dance, said: “The event was great. The 3Fall Dance Company are very inspiring and it was so lovely to have face to face workshops with so many the students involved from our A level dance course. One of the dancers leading the workshop from the company was actually an ex-Collyer’s student, which was a wonderful surprise!”

Vice Principal (Pastoral) Andrea John was delighted: “This experience is invaluable for our students as it elevates their physical, creative and performance skills and aids the development of their own unique styles.

“Massive thanks to Emma and the 3Fall Dance Company for making this wonderful educational opportunity possible.”

Emma added: “In the afternoon 3Fall performed a selection of choreography and repertoire. For some of our students this was the first life performance they have been able to see for 2 years!

“Watching and studying the undergraduate dancers teach and perform is really important for our students, as they can see potential career options and progression routes in the industry.

“We also invited some up-and-coming dancers along from Millais School, who also really enjoyed the event.”

Collyer’s Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “Emma Gogan and our talented dancers are a credit to Collyer’s, and it was an honour for us to welcome back the amazing 3Fall Dance Company.”