News Students Step Up to Flamenco Challenge 04.08.2023

Collyer’s students recently learnt to dance Flamenco under the tuition of leading professional dancer and teacher, Ana Dueñas.

Milagros Herguedas, who is Subject Leader for Spanish at Collyer’s, was delighted: “Music and dance heritage is part of the Spanish A level course at Collyer’s. Amongst the many styles, Flamenco is the most associated to Spanish culture.

“I was incredibly impressed by our students’ focus and willingness to try a new experience, so much so that they were able to take on a challenging choreography by the end of the session. They certainly learnt how to stand proud and release energy by stamping their feet to create complex rhythms.”

Vice Principal (Pastoral) Andrea John said: “We are incredibly grateful to Milagros for organising the session. Massive thanks also to Ana Dueñas for coming in and sharing her dancing expertise with our students.

“We have excellent Dance and Spanish departments, and events like these are what make the educational journey at Collyer’s so special.”

Milagros added: “Ana is an enormously gifted dancer, who is always so generous with her time and energy! Her sessions have really helped to give the students a vital insight into Spanish culture.”