News Students Tackle Climate Change 03.05.2022

Collyer’s have had the opportunity to learn how they can help tackle climate change, by taking part in the Carbon Literacy Project. The course uses resources developed by Manchester Metropolitan University, and has been rolled out across all Sussex Colleges in a FE Sussex collaborative project.

At Collyer’s, the project was piloted by second year Travel and Tourism students, with Nikki Stone (Head of Travel and Tourism) incorporating the work as part of students’ individual projects. Following on from this success, the course has been rolled out for all Collyer’s students and has now been launched as part of the wider tutorial and enrichment programme.

Dr Ian Carr explained: “The students followed the self-guided resources, and took part in a final Webinar before submitting pledges about actions they will take to reduce their carbon emissions. These pledges will be submitted to the Carbon Literacy Project and successful students will be awarded a certificate.”

Second year Environmental Science students were given a ‘masterclass’ in the circular economy funded by the project. The session was presented by Elle Runton, who has corporate experience working for multinational companies, including Coca Cola European Partners, and Emirates Nature – WWF in the UAE.

Dr Carr added: “The students really enjoyed benefitting from Elle’s fantastic experience and expertise. The masterclasses explored useful examples and created resources that the group will be able to use in their final exams.”

Collyer’s Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “Huge thanks to Elle Runton and our very own Ian Carr for advancing these wonderful educational opportunities and inspiring our students to actively tackle climate change.”