News Students Zoom In On Record! 10.06.2023

Collyer’s A level photography students have enjoyed record success at the London Metropolitan University’s photographic competition “Your People, Your Places, Your Things 2023”. The open brief allowed students to submit work which covered a wide range of genres and themes. Twenty four images were shortlisted or highly commended nationally, with twenty coming from Collyer’s!

James Cant, BA (Hons) Photography course leader at London Metropolitan University said: “A huge well-done to the 24 finalists whose work is printed in the university’s Socket magazine, as well as congratulations to the students whose work has been highly commended and is shown on our London Met BA Photography Website:

“There were many entries, and we would like to thank every student from around the country who took time to submit work to the competition. We would also like to thank the tutors and lecturers who kindly shared the information about the competition and encouraged students to take part. It was fantastic to see so much creativity and love of photography.”

Year 2 A level photography student Polly Simpson, who had two images selected and was awarded runner up in the ‘Your Places’ category, said: “It’s very exciting to have my work noticed and appreciated and I feel so lucky to have been shortlisted in competitions over the past two years during my time studying the A level Photography course. I would have never even considered entering any competitions if it weren’t for the opportunities promoted by my teachers and their encouragement.”

Year 1 student Tatum Crate whose beach theme collage caught the judge’s eye, added: “I am surprised and proud to have been shortlisted for the London Met competition, congratulations to everyone selected!”

Ruby Shepherd said: “I really enjoy studying photography at Collyer’s, I have learned lots of new skills and it has helped me expand my ideas and really explore photography in depth.”

Rebecca Moon, Collyer’s Head of BTEC Creative Media and photography teacher was delighted: “Yet again the students have done the department proud by not only taking up the opportunity to get their work out there professionally, but also receiving significant recognition for it. We are so proud of what they have achieved!”

Tom Bailey said: “To have two of my photographs shortlisted, and one highly commended was an amazing achievement. Here at Collyer’s the photography department has helped me to become a better photographer and encouraged me to enter my work in competitions. I am really enjoying the photography course at Collyer’s and hope to pursue a career in the photographic industry.”

Isabella Banister, who was Highly Commended in each of the three categories for her creative imagery, added: “I’m very proud of myself, as I never imagined I would be able to achieve this.”

Year 1 student Andrei Apostol added: ”I feel very pleased to be selected for such a high-status competition. I am very happy to be one of the 24 finalists that have ended up on the website, and I’m very proud of the rest of my classmates who have been selected too’’.

Emma Broadbridge said: “I was very shocked and excited to hear the news. It is such an unreal experience have work shown in your first exhibition and it has boosted my confidence in photography massively”.

Charlie Savva who is planning to further his photographic studies at Brighton MET after completing his A Level and BTEC qualifications at Collyer’s, said: “I feel very lucky to be selected out of so many entries and it feels great to see my work published for everyone to see.”

Laura Andrews, Collyer’s Assistant Director of the Arts Faculty and Head of Photography said: “Thank you to the judges for their feedback, and to London MET for organising such a fantastic competition which celebrates the diverse photographic talents of young people in this country. Our students have loved being involved and seeing their work in print. It has been a wonderful experience”.