News ‘The 1980’s? Now That’s What I call Music!’ 10.01.2024

Collyer’s Music Practitioners students wowed audiences last week with performances of ‘80s pop covers.

Performance Pathway students were responsible for choosing their music and stage clothes, rehearsing, attending a sound check, and performing twice – once for staff and students in the daytime, then again in the evening for family and friends. Technology Pathway students were responsible for setting up the PA equipment, running sound checks, using the 32-channel digital mixing desk, and doing live sound engineering for ten student bands.

Vice Principal (Pastoral) Andrea John said: “The evening performance was so packed that some people had to sit on the floor!”

Collyer’s Head of Music, Dan Page said: ‘I’m so proud of our wonderful Music Practitioners students in their first performances of the year. They worked so hard tonight, and the quality of their music and sound engineering was the best we’ve had so far!”

Rob Hussey, Vice Prinicipal (Curriculum) said: “Colossal congratulations to Dan Page and these amazing Music Practitioners students, who looked and played the part of 1980’s stars brilliantly.”

Dan Page added: “Overcoming stage nerves and performing or sound engineering with new people, in a new environment is no mean achievement. The group were so happy, and the audience response was overwhelmingly positive.’

Deputy Principal Steve Martell, said: “The 1980’s? Now that’s what I call music!”