News Washington DC Trip 24.04.2023

Collyer’s students and staff returned from a 5-day Stateside trip, where they were studying the politics and history of the USA.

Teacher of Government and Politics, Neil Panton explained: “We explored the major political and historical sites of Washington, and even observed the US Senate in session. The students found the trip enormously valuable for their A Level academic studies.”

The packed programme included a behind the scenes tour of the Capitol building, the Supreme Court, and the Smithsonian museum complex. The group also saw the new Martin Luther King Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, Kennedy Memorials, Vietnam Memorial, and the iconic Lincoln Memorial. In addition, the group visited Ford’s Theatre, the site of the assassination of President Lincoln.

Head of Politics, Kevin Coomber, was delighted. He said: “Huge thanks to the teachers who joined the trip and made these educational experiences possible for our learners, who all worked tremendously hard from day one.

“I am so proud of our wonderful students, who were great ambassadors for Collyer’s, Horsham and the UK throughout our time in Washington