News Wellbeing at Collyer’s 24.04.2024

Students and staff at Collyer’s recently participated in Wellbeing Week. Activities included an Early Help Service, which offered guidance to assist students to resolve problems at an early stage and lunchtime games. Doughnuts were handed out around the college at break, which brightened the faces of many a student and quite a few staff!

PAT dog visits have proved popular during previous Wellbeing Weeks and this continued with resident PAT dog, Pie, and a visit by her friend, Isla. Time spent with both dogs allowed students a break from study and thoughts of looming exams. Pie’s owner, Holly Ashfield, explained: “Pie and I love coming into Collyer’s! I’ve really noticed how she puts a smile on pretty much everybody’s face, both students and staff. She brings people together who haven’t met before and creates friendships.”

Helen Bolger, Collyer’s Head of Student Wellbeing, said: “Wellbeing Week provides a space in which we can focus on mental health and wellbeing, including the chance to engage in a different type of lesson. A visit by Tyler Allen from Brinsbury College changed the usual classroom scene from Maths to Exotic Animals and this was a star attraction with students who enjoyed the distraction from study and felt the wellbeing benefits. Holding snakes was something that not many students had experienced before!”

Tyler Allen delivered this session with an impressive knowledge of each species along with an engaging manner that captivated the students. Tyler explained his approach: “When choosing a selection of reptiles for the visit, I thought it best to bring along some of our more unusual species as well as the most commonly known, such as Bearded Dragons, Leopard Gecko, Hog Island Boa and our Red Footed Tortoise who weighs in at a mighty 5kg!”