News Wildflower Donation 11.06.2022

Diane Dodsworth from Biffa (Community Liaison & Environmental Compliance Officer West Sussex – Mechanical and Biological Treatment) visited Collyer’s last week to meet with Dr Ian Carr (Chair of Collyer’s Sustainability Committee), Caroline Holder (Sustainability Committee member and Sussex Green Living Volunteer), and students Emily Sacchi (Youth Eco Forum member and Environmental Science student) and Michael Cleaver (Student Union Environmental Officer and member of the sustainability committee).

Dr Ian Carr explained: “Biffa are working towards increasing the bee population on and around their sites and their head office has provided all sites with packs of wildflower seeds to donate to local communities in the hope of creating better environments for bees.

“Collyer’s has had a strong link with Biffa for many years, including career days and visits for Environmental Science students to the Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT) works where Sussex’s domestic waste is processed. Biffa’s aim is to reuse waste material and minimise landfill. Collyer’s and Biffa share an aim of increasing local biodiversity. Biffa have been so impressed with our students that they were keen to donate a portion of seeds to Collyer’s, which is fantastic.”

The wildflower seeds will encourage bees, with the knock-on effect of helping to increase biodiversity of the site. Dianne shared her expertise and knowledge and enthusiasm for the MBT facility and encouraged all students to visit.

Dr Carr added: “Biology and Environmental Science teacher Murray Tarvis has ensured there are already areas of wildflower meadows on the Collyer’s site, so it is great that we are working collaboratively with other local stakeholders to try to improve the environment.”