Business A Level

Board: AQA
Syllabus: A Level (7132)

About the subject

What strategies should UK firms take to respond to the Coronavirus? How is it possible for a profitable firm to ‘go bust’? Does it matter that Tesco are losing market share? Who are Alibaba or Lenovo? Have you ever wanted to start your own business?

If any of the above issues are of interest to you, then Business Studies is a course that you should consider.  The course uses the real-life business events which happen all around us on a daily basis to apply the business theory which students will learn within the topics of marketing, accounting, production, human resource management (personnel) and economics.  Students who have the ability to analyse business case scenarios and then make judgements about what the company should do next will do well on this course.

All students will one day work in a business or organisation or perhaps own their own. As a result Business Studies is a relevant course choice for all students.

Learning styles

Wherever possible, theoretical concepts are taught through practical application using case study and data response materials.  IT based lessons can use business related web-sites which contain student worksheets on specific topics.  Workshop sessions allow the students to choose the areas which they need to focus on, enabling a more individualistic approach to the learning experience.  Homework is set on a regular basis; coupled with private study/research into current business related news (reading the quality financial press (online) /watching documentary business television) and following relevant twitter feeds.

Recent educational visits have been to Denby pottery, Emma Bridgewater, Coors Brewery, Mini and JCB. Students are expected to spend around 4 hours per week undertaking private study.

Subject combinations and progression

Business Studies is a subject that has a wide number of possible subject combinations.

For example, the language student may see a need for an understanding of business as a result of the ever-increasing globalisation of business activity. Equally the science student may want an appreciation of how business might affect him/her when they begin their career.  There are no subject restrictions to entry however; any student who wants a basic business understanding should consider A level Business, which very often progresses to a business studies undergraduate programme at University or a business career. Students should also be capable of starting their own business

Subject modules and assessment

Paper 1: Business 1
2 Hour written exam
Multiple Choice questions, Short answer questions and mini-essays.
33.3% of the A – Level

Paper 2: Business 2
2 Hour written exam
Three data response questions.
33.3% of the A – Level

Paper 3: Business 3
2 Hour written exam
One case study with approximately 6 questions
33.3% of the A – Level

All exams cover the entire content for the A level and are taken at the end of the second year.

Entry requirements

Grade 4 in both Maths and English Language