Transition Programme

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This full-time, one year programme of study will focus on providing the skills and knowledge needed to progress onto suitable Advanced (Level 3) programmes, when students have not met requirements to study an Advanced programme. Students will build a programme by first selecting a core vocational qualification alongside a maximum of two GCSEs.


The core subject will be a Level 2 course which is the equivalent to a GCSE.  All our Level 2 courses are vocational where students complete projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands.  Teaching methods will include: formal teaching, discussions, role play, practical and group work. For many of these subjects are exams as well.

Subject Combinations and Progression

Transition students will be committed to 3 years of study at Collyer’s.  The Transition year will be the stepping stone to your advanced programme in year 2 and 3.  Students will base programmes around a core Level 2 qualification.  Students with less than a 4 in GCSE English Language or GCSE Maths will also need to add these to their programmes of study. It is important to consider which Award would be the most suitable; it should be a subject area of interest and be related to courses that students may wish to pursue at Advanced level. In cases where students have achieved both their English and Maths at at 4, we will include two Level 2 qualifications.

The remainder of the programme will be focusing on developing job skills and studentship skills.  This skills element of the programme is designed to support the successful completion of GCSE re-takes and achievement of at least a merit in the Level 2 qualification(s) and good studentships grades along with excellent attendance.  Our staff will also support students in deciding on next steps and the programme will include an element of work experience.


Vocational Single Award, choose from:Choose fromIncludes:
  • Art & Design
  • Maths
  • Enhanced Tutorial Programme
  • Business
  • English
  • The skills of an advanced learner
  • Health and Social Care
  • Using IT to support success
  • Information Technology
  • Employability
  • Sport
  • Work Experience
  • Travel & Tourism
*Maths and English are compulsory if at least a grade 4 has not already been achieved
  • Next Steps



Subject Modules and Assessment

Transition students will firstly choose a vocational single award from the options below.  Students will need to achieve at least a Merit grade in this subject to be able to progress to an advanced level programme in year 2. It is important to choose a subject that is both relevant to future plans but is also a significant area of interest.


Art: This Award offers a range of units covering disciplines such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, design craft and digital design in relation to design led briefs. All units allow for idea development by identifying practitioners work, trends and styles.


Business: This Award will support students towards a career in the business world. Skills such as business enterprise, project management, selling and promoting a brand and financial awareness.  Assessed is through a mixture of coursework and examinations. There are three mandatory units which are, Introduction to Business, Finance for Business and Enterprise in the Business World.


Child Development and Care: This course would be a good choice for students who are considering working with young children in a range of settings and roles. It covers Child Development, Care and the roles of staff in a variety of settings. It would be ideal for those who wish to progress to the T Level in Education and Child Care or Level 3 Health and Social Care


Health & Social Care: This course is designed for those students who want to work in the HNS or affiliated services, teaching about all the protocols and roles that are involved.  Successful completion allows progression to level 3 Health and Social Care or the T level in Education and Child Care


Information Technology: This highly practical course is particularly suitable for those studying in preparation for employment in the IT sector, web design or advertising. This award includes a range of units covering topics such as Mobile Apps, Multimedia Products and Website Development.


Sport: This one year course offers students an opportunity to study Sport through practical and classroom tasks.  The course is a both a theoretical and practical work related course equivalent to 1 GCSE.  The course will introduce students to the employment area of Sport and Leisure. Students will cover aspects such as, Anatomy and Physiology, Fitness for sport and practical sporting performance.
The course offers an opportunity to examine sport in more detail and is an excellent choice if wishing to progress either to advanced Level 3 courses.


Travel & Tourism: This course provides an excellent background for students who are looking to progress to a level 3 qualification or may already be considering a career in Travel and Tourism. Students will study the following units; The UK Travel and Tourism Sector, UK Travel and Tourism Destinations and International Travel and Tourism Destinations

Minimum Subject Entry Requirements: An average of a grade 3 at GCSE and above.