News Bursary Success 17.01.2023

Collyer’s presented bursaries to a group of new students this week, in recognition of their outstanding results at school. Bursaries were awarded to those joining the Collyer’s community from partner schools and to students achieving top grades from north, south, east, and west of Horsham.

Lily Beale (who previously attended Millais), Charlie Ferris (The Weald), Amalia Gazala (Brighton College), Kathryn Gracie-Langrick (Warden Park), Stanley Gray (Forest); Adam Hillier (THS), Nusrat Humyra (Oakwood), Carla Mukasa (Oathall), John Newton (THS), Luke Newton (Oriel); Viktor Rozovits (Gatwick), Evelyn Starbuck (St Oscar Romero), Sophie Tietz (THS) and Harry Yip (THS) were each presented with a cheque by Collyer’s Principal, Dan Lodge.

Dan Lodge explained: “It is important that Collyer’s recognises the outstanding work of our excellent partner schools, by rewarding some of our new students for their academic success in year 11.

“We attract students from right across the region, so it is fitting that we should also reward those coming to us from farther afield. I’m sure the money will be put to good use to help support their education or extra-curricular activities while at Collyer’s.”

Lily Beale said: “I feel very lucky to be receiving this bursary and would like to say a massive thank you to Collyer’s for this opportunity. I also wish to thank my amazing GCSE teachers at Millais for everything they did to help me over the past two years — I would not have achieved the results that I did without all the support from them and my family. I have been really enjoying my A-Levels so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of my studies over the next two years!”

Charlie Ferris, who previously attended The Weald in Billingshurst, said: “I’d like to say thanks to my teachers at The Weald for all of their help.”

Amalia Gazala said: “I am so thankful to my previous school, Brighton College, for providing me with countless opportunities which have enabled me to excel both as an individual and academically. I feel very fortunate to have now settled in at Collyer’s and I am really grateful to all my teachers for their support so far.  I look forward to a promising two years ahead.”

Nusrat Humayra said: “Thank you so much to Collyer’s for recognition of my hard work, and thank you to my friends, family, and teachers at Oakwood School who supported and encouraged me on the path to achieving my GCSE grades. I am incredibly grateful for this bursary and will continue to work hard for success in my A-Levels!”

Carla Mukasa was thrilled: “Thank you to all my teachers at Oathall Community College for helping me get here and thank you to Collyer’s for all the support I’ve already received. I’m so excited for the next two years!”

Viktor Rozovits said: “’Thank you to all my teachers at Gatwick, you have all done so much for me and these grades would not have been possible without you”

Sophie Tietz said: “’I would just like to give a massive thank you to my friends, family and all my teachers at Tanbridge House school for all the love and support I’ve had throughout my GCSEs. Without their encouragement I never would have been able to get through my exams.

“I would also like to give a big thank you to Collyer’s for this recognition of all the hard work that went into getting my results.”

Harry Yip said: “I want to take this chance to thank Tanbridge and the teachers there, for their devotion and time, and my parents for their continued support.”

Deputy Principal Steve Martell told the students: “You’ve all made a great start to life at Collyer’s and I’m confident that your individual success stories can continue into advanced level and beyond.”

Collyer’s, which offers free post 16 education, is one of the leading sixth form colleges in the country. They are currently accepting on-line applications for September 2023.