News Class Act 24.01.2023

Collyer’s Law students were recently given the chance to take part in a mock murder trial at the Royal Court of Justice.

Law teacher Emma Iavarone explained: “Beforehand we had been given the case details and the students decided which role they would like to play, from judge, jury, lawyers, and court staff. We spent some time going through the case details so everyone knew what to expect and what they would be asked to do. The students were then taken through the beautiful historic building out to court number 74 to hear the case. Everyone acted out their roles brilliantly!”

The Justices presided over the hearing, maintaining order, and ensuring justice was served.

After hearing the ‘witness’ give evidence, the prosecution team put a compelling case to the jury that the defendant was guilty of murder. The defence team gave a fantastic closing speech reminding the jury that they had to be sure ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ for them to find the defendant guilty of the murder. Ultimately the jury convicted the defendant, and the judges ‘sentenced’ her to 25 years in prison.

After court case the students took time to explore the Middle Temple, one of the oldest barristers’ Chambers in the country and the home of the legal profession.

Emma added: “It was inspiring to see barristers walking to court with their case files. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and we would like to come back again!”

Collyer’s Vice Principal (Curriculum) Rob Hussey said: “Colossal thanks to the Law department and the Royal Court of Justice for organising such a wonderful educational opportunity for our students.”