News Concert Hits the Right Note 13.09.2021

Collyer’s recently held a concert for students who have been taking part in ensembles across the year.

Director of Music, Ben Dowsett said: “The standard of musicianship shone through in the performances. However, equally impressive but not at all obvious, was the commitment and resilience of these students who have had an incredibly challenging year.”

The two ensemble pieces started with rehearsals online and the group only played together during the last summer half term. The small audience was made up of Collyer’s music students.

Collyer’s Deputy Principal Steve Martell said: “Ben Dowsett and these talented student musicians are a credit to Collyer’s outstanding music department.”

Ben Dowsett added: “It was a lovely concert, appreciated greatly by the students who have developed a real sense of camaraderie.

“I look forward to extending musical concerts over the coming year and being able to share performances, such as this, with a live audience.”