News Hollywood Film Maker ‘Absolute Box-Office!’ 20.11.2023

Hollywood Special Effects Supervisor, Simon Carr, visited Collyer’s this week to present an inspiring session on the exciting and highly specialised world in which he works.

Collyer’s Head of Media Studies Jonathan Nunns explained: “Having produced post-production effects for a wide range of blockbuster franchises, ranging from the Marvel Super Heroes to James Bond, Simon shared some of the secrets of his work, with media and film students at the college.

“Simon’s presentation included superb anecdotes from his film industry career, and he analysed film clips which demonstrated exactly how the effects were created.”

Areas covered included green screen work and digital compositing, which places A-list stars, such as Tom Hanks, into environments largely created in digital post-production editing. Simon also advised students on career pathways into this complex and exciting industry, giving a unique insight into the production of some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

Mr Nunns added. “This event was a priceless opportunity for students to experience this hidden world of creativity, a place where art meets science to make some of the most successful films of our time.


“Colossal thanks to Simon for taking time-out from his busy schedule to help the next generation.”


Collyer’s Vice Principal (Pastoral) Andrea John was delighted: “The students thought Simon was absolute box-office!”