Initiatives Collaboration the Key to Success! 27.09.2021

Members of the Sustainability Committee have attended meetings of the Horsham District Climate Change Group. Committee Chair, Ian Carr and RCU Rep Jack Lockwood have attended the meetings. The Group includes members of Horsham District Council and other local stakeholders with the aim to make the district carbon neutral.

An initial meeting delivered a range of topics to be considered in more detail in subsequent meetings. The second meeting discussed how buildings within the district could be made carbon neutral, with specific proposals discussed from retrofitting older buildings to training technicians in skills shortage areas to undertake the work. The third meeting was more specifically on energy efficiency within the district. Helen Peacock, a member of Horsham District council is also a member of the Collyer’s Sustainability Committee. This reciprocal arrangement should ensure that we are all working together towards the same goals.

Another link that has been made is with Sussex Green Living with student Jonathan Richmond helping on their float in Horsham Market on July 31st. This organisation is offering other opportunities for students to get involved in the run up to COP26


Online meeting with HDC, local stakeholders and our Sustainability Committee