News Students Hit The Right Note 24.06.2022

Music Practitioner students from Collyer’s have performed a series of superb end of year gigs, which duly received rave reviews!

Head of Music Dan Page said: “Students either formed bands in class and performed a set in front of their peers, or went through the lengthy process of setting up a professional PA system, capturing instruments and voices, mixing the bands and recording them. The results were fantastic!”

The Music Practitioners course offers learners an opportunity to sequence music, record and process audio, develop live sound engineering skills, and complete an optional unit to perform if they sing or play an instrument. The course is ideally suited to students who are interested in modern music and want to enrich their understanding. Many are also planning to progress into higher education.


Dan Page added: “I’m particularly proud of the students, as they have battled through unprecedented nerves and managed to produce some really exceptional music.

“The performers and tech’ team now have professional level experience that will stay with them for life, as well first-hand knowledge of what it’s like overcoming some challenging hurdles.”

Vice Principal (Pastoral) Andrea John was delighted: “These students performed wonderfully, and clearly demonstrated the potential to study and cultivate successful careers in the music industry. Congratulations to all of them. At the end of a busy academic year, they certainly hit the right note!”