Arts Centre

Arts Quarter

Arts-based subjects at Collyer’s have incredible depth and strength of creative talent. We offer Contemporary Fine Art, Graphics, Textiles, Art and Design, Photography and DT, as well as Creative Digital Media Production. Some of our artistic courses are housed in accommodation that, whilst well-loved and showcasing the heritage of our college, is not really ideal for the modern requirements of these courses. We also need space to grow as our numbers increase each year.


The plans for the Arts Quarter are two-fold. Firstly to completely refurbish our Grade 2 listed T Building sited on Richmond Road, opening up the space as a bright and airy centre for the arts that is both fantastic space to work in as well as to exhibit art. Secondly to replace the one story Arts classroom with a modern two storey extension, purpose-built for artistic subjects. Both spaces will look out onto the quad which we plan to use to feature student installations in coming years.

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