Library Expansion

Library Expansion

The current library is a feature building on our estate and visible from all directions as visitors approach the college. Constructed in 2003 when the college had around 1,200 students, it serves a very important central purpose in uniting the three subject faculties and providing a general learning space for all students. It is also open to sixth form students during holiday periods and has some evening availability for adult education students.


Now that the college is almost twice the size and will grow to around 3,000 students, we really need more space for quiet study, independent learning and revision around exams times. We have added two satellite libraries already and will have a third for science in the Tech Centre, but the planned expansion of the Main Library with a glass atrium will both add significant space as well as providing a much better entrance to the north side of the building and opening up the ground floor to better use. The new, enhanced library will then be a centre-point for the expanded estates and a hub for learning.

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