Tech Centre

Tech Centre

Science and Technology have been at the heart of our curriculum ever since our grammar school moved into its ‘new building’ on Hurst Road in 1895. For the last 63 years, generations of students have enjoyed truly top-class teaching in our Science Building built in 1960. However, whilst the classrooms are light and airy with double aspect windows and all the main facilities needed, we desperately need more modern and purpose-built laboratory space as well as classrooms to allow for growth in student numbers and to be able to support an ever-more technical curriculum.


The new Tech Centre will house closely related subjects that are perennial strong performers at the college: Maths, Physics, DT, Electronics and Engineering. With double-height workspaces for technical subjects and a large atrium entrance that will encompass a new Science satellite library, the building will show our commitment to modern teaching and learning and place Collyer’s at the cutting edge of science education. Included in the designs are a large new auditorium to replace the Duckering Hall. Increasing capacity from the current 160 to a much bigger 400, this will allow larger student lectures as well as college events to be held in person. The space will double as a catering and social area also as the college grows in size, and be available for large local community events outside of college hours.

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